The Liberating Truth

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The Liberating Truth : How Jesus Empowers Women

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So when the usual scriptures come about "women should remain silent in the church," I start to cringe.

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Fine, women, be silent but all you Pastor, Prophets, Evangelists, Apostles, Teachers and Singers, if you remain silent then may the rocks truly rise up and sing praises to God. Women, Men, Young, Old, does not matter, if God touches start talking.

Christian Life Gospel Center – THE LIBERATING TRUTH OF GIVING

I know the frustration. I have friends no really I have a few who are liberated, speak in tongues and their husbands adore them. I have a few others who look at their husbands as if asking permission to speak - I want to SCREAM when that happens but screaming will only drive those women away from me.

I tell you what, I have more women talking to me about submission than men. We are our own worst enemy. Frankly when I'm accosted and I do mean accosted by fellow "Christians," regarding my stand on women's rights to teach and pastor I simply ask those accusing me of non-fundamental thinking if they can tell me how God directs their life? I believe my Savior washed the feet of His disciples. I believe when Peter refused to allow Him to wash his feet, thinking that as Lord of the Universe Jesus had no business washing dirty feet.

I believe that Peter was a tough nut to crack but when Christ said then that he was not worthy of the Kingdom of God, then I believe that Peter said, then Lord, wash all of me. We all need to be washed and washed again with a little humility. Thanks Ms Strickland for your book, it is truly needed and every woman in the world needs to read it.

The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth
The Liberating Truth The Liberating Truth

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