The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery

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The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery (31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead)

The Haunted Hills

Underneath this part of Gippsland is brown coal and it was thought that below the Haunted Hills was a coal seam that had burnt out leaving a large cavern which echoed when animals passed over the top. This is a very plausible explanation except that despite searching through geological surveys, maps and mining reports I can find no written evidence to back it up. There were many newspaper reports of cattle stampeding and breaking away over the years, so despite the cause, the Haunted Hills retained their name.

Throughout the early days of white settlement many people reported strange sounds emanating from the ground around the Haunted Hills. Some talked of low growling but more common were reports of thumping similar to hoofbeats.

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In a story appeared in The Argus which reported that a common legend was that of the ghostly stockman. He would appear both day and night and often on his horse as he searched for his phantom cattle. In bootleggers were arrested for running an illegal still in the area and one theory was that in trying to discourage visitors they fuelled the legend by moving through the cattle at night causing them to stampede.

It seems that he was still setting up his little enterprise and so I am reluctant to blame him for any cattle stampedes. In a Mr. Horace Brinsmead was out trying to muster his cattle when he saw what he adamantly believed to be a lion in the Haunted Hills. A large party of men went out to hunt the animal but no sign of it was found.

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Two days later the Morwell advertiser printed an article which ridiculed Mr. Then in March of a Mr. Thomas Keough reported seeing a lion nearby and in May of a Mr.

Curtis reported seeing a deerhound that resembled a lion in the hills. Blair saw a period- dressed gentleman, complete with top hat, floating down the stairs. While restoring the secret poker room in the attic hired painter Timmy Watts found himself locked out, even though no handle or lock was on the door yet. When he returned with a screwdriver to let himself back in, Watts saw that the door was now open and the same image of a man that Blair previously witnessed appeared before him. Several reports of paranormal sightings in photographs taken at the property have been made, including apparitions of people dressed in period clothing and bright lights and mists.

Some visitors have claimed that statues have been mysteriously relocated to the lawns of nearby houses. The sounds of a flute echo have also been heard, and trinkets and small items have been known to appear and disappear around the graves. Many sightings of apparitions have been reported, including a duel between two unexplained shadows, a playful spirit who likes to throw things from the top of the staircase and a solid figure of a man who melted into the air once an employee made contact. The sounds of music, laughter and talking have also been heard from the second floor, although when investigated, no one is present.

Boy Scout Lane — Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Mary Walters was never able to see the completed structure, as she died in childbirth just before the house was finished. Grief-stricken, Colonel Walters left the state and the house was owned by several different people — some of whom have reported experiencing the presence of Mary Walters. Visitor Center staff has also experienced eerie occurrences, including a picture coming off the wall and a coffee machine making coffee with no grounds or water present.

Today, the building houses the North Little Rock History Commission and visitors and employees have reported strange occurrences in the building — including unexplainable noises, footsteps, and the eerie sound of a man rasping and choking. In the same area, at Main Street, many reports of a vision of a woman and man walking arm-in-arm have been made. Natural Steps A unique geological formation along the banks of the Arkansas River, Natural Steps is a small town with an unsettling history of buildings, structures and people disappearing.

Overwhelmed with grief, the widow disappeared after the funeral — many believe by committing suicide by jumping off the Natural Steps. Residents and visitors alike have since reported seeing a woman in white strolling within the town. During the Civil War, Confederate forces are believed to have sunk their own gunboat containing vast sums of gold, in order to keep Union troops at bay.

Legend has it on moonlit nights, the ghosts of the three soldiers march in a single-file line to the Arkansas River to uncover their hidden treasure. The Plum Bayou people built 18 mounds to serve as a ceremonial, religious, governmental and social complex with at least one serving as a burial mound. Archeological digs at the site have uncovered items that cannot be traced to other Native American cultures, and also have suggested that the Plum Bayou people simply disappeared — with no trace of where they went or why they left.

Visitors to the present-day park have claimed to see lights, orbs, and even ghostly apparitions of ancient people. At night, footsteps have been heard around the existing mound site. The most well-known ghost of the Crescent is Michael, a stonecutter who helped build the hotel and who fell to his death at the location of Room Michael is said to have been a womanizer who often got in trouble for flirting with the ladies. Another paranormal guest of the hotel is Dr.

John Freemont Ellis, former hotel physician.

Haunted Places and Legends in the Miami Valley

Look out for a disappearing pool of blood, a resident morgue ghost around the autopsy table and more eerie sightings. According to legend, she was an Italian opera singer named Isabella who decamped to the castle with her lover, only to meet her demise when one of its tunnels collapsed on top of her.

Want to hear the scandalous stories that certain cemetery residents wish they could have taken to their grave?

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Of course you do. Opened in as the first state-run hospital for treating the mentally ill, the former New York State Lunatic Asylum was considered state of the art at the time of its completion. However, the good intentions of creating a treatment center were rarely supportive and caring. Within the massive Greek Revival hospital, facilitators regularly performed lobotomies and electroshock therapy. Patients lived in filth, confined to cramped quarters with little care. It was here that doctors invented the Utica Crib, an inhuman, long, shallow cage where they kept agitated people to calm them down or to punish misbehaving residents.

Though it closed in , Old Main the local nickname for it still stands. A grandiose hotel on a private island overlooking Lake George sounds like the perfect place for some rest and relaxation—or eternal rest, for some guests.


About 70 years ago, a small boy who would often sell lost golf balls back to pro shop customers was hit by a car during his search. If you listen very closely, you can still hear him giggling.

In , George Clarke began the nearly two-decade process of building what was then the largest private residence in the U. More than years of paranormal experiences have been documented, including apparitions, footsteps and sheets being pulled off beds. Not only that, Dr. Best and his wife and son all died inside the house. Paranormal investigations have found soaring EVP levels along with the faint sounds of the Best Family and a tinkling piano.

Many died in this old 19th century poorhouse.

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  • Some 17, bodies are believed to be buried on the premises, almost all in unmarked graves. Opened in as the Genesee County Poor House, the large farmhouse served vagrants by making them work on the farm. It would later be used as an infirmary, orphanage, tuberculosis hospital and nursing home. Sure, cemeteries are expected to have their share of creepy happenings, but few can lay claim to the same frightening legends of this graveyard. Many of the 19th century gravestones have been tipped over or destroyed, and the shadowy spirits are not happy about it.

    Oh, and the wooded seclusion makes it seem all the more likely that no one will hear you scream.

    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery
    The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery

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