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Herodotus The Persian Wars (Godley)/Book II

So it has something of a happy ending and, like the Bible, contains many a handy lesson about humility and being careful for what you wish for. Midas is also the subject of another myth where, now understandably and heartily sick of wealth and splendour, he seeks the simpler pleasures in life.


Poor Midas tries to hide his embarrassing secret and only his barber knows the truth. A little later a bed of reeds grows up on the spot and as the wind rustles through them they waft the secret on the breeze to all within earshot. So go the myths but, in fact, there really was a king Midas of Phrygia who we know from Greek and Assyrian sources ruled in the 8 th century BC. Inside was a royal burial, with the skeleton of a man, about five foot two inches tall and aged about 60 to 65 years old. Draped in richly decorated and coloured textiles, around him were.

The collection of drinking vessels found with him have generally been described as the greatest collection ever discovered at an Iron Age site. Did it really contain the king Midas? The team leader, Rodney Young, soon came to the conclusion that while the burial certainly dated to the time of king Midas it may in fact have been his father Gordius. And there was a wine link too.

In the late s Dr Patrick McGovern from the University of Pennsylvania was invited to use his chemical analysis techniques to determine what some of the organic residues found in many of the vessels might be. Having put the residue through a whole gamut of micro-chemical techniques ranging from infrared spectrometry to gas and liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, McGovern and his team came up with an answer.

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The Startling Truth About One of History’s Greatest Kings

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Share 2K. Pin 1. Share This decision by Cyrus is well known and well documented by Greek and Roman historians, as well as Josephus, the most recognized Jewish historian. King Cyrus issued his decree releasing the Jews in B. Zerubbabel, a leading Jewish figure in Babylon at the time, became responsible for mustering the party and leading it back to Jerusalem.

One of the most astonishing features about this decree is that there was no cost or price to the Jews. Any historian will agree: Such magnanimity and benevolence from a man with supreme power is extremely rare!

Cyrus the Great was truly an anomaly among world leaders. All of this history is well documented by secular historians and archaeological evidence. But there is another source that records these events in detail: the Bible.

Itinerant View Takers: Topographic Artists in Early Modern England

These scriptures in Ezra were recorded a few decades after the event. More records about King Cyrus can be found in Jeremiah 25 and 2 Chronicles 36, both of which were written after Cyrus was on the scene. A passage in Isaiah 44 also discusses Cyrus the Great—and this is where the history gets exciting.

Except for one critical factor. Slow down and think about this. How do we know Isaiah was written before Cyrus was born? This verse clearly says that Isaiah was alive and writing during the reigns of four kings of Judah: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. Biblical history, as well as Jewish history and established historical record, clearly show that these all reigned in the eighth century B. This is nowhere disputed. Bible commentaries agree that Isaiah was on the scene for about 50 years, roughly between and B. For example, Isaiah show that he prophesied during the reign of King Hezekiah.

Critics of the Bible despise Isaiah 44 and Over the last century or so, numerous theories have emerged to explain how this passage of scripture was written after King Cyrus. The most prominent theory says that the book of Isaiah has multiple authors, and that some parts of the book, mainly the latter chapters, were written at a different time and much later than the first part of the book.

  • Perry Rhodan 814: Der Vario und der Wächter (Heftroman): Perry Rhodan-Zyklus Bardioc (Perry Rhodan-Erstauflage) (German Edition)!
  • La storia di un ragazzo venuto da lontano (I tascabili) (Italian Edition).
  • Herodotus The Persian Wars (Godley)/Book II.
  • According to this theory, the book of Isaiah was compiled into a single book around 70 B. But this theory has been proven false. A copy of the entire book of Isaiah was discovered as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls on which the text of Isaiah was discovered were dated to around B.

    Ronald Labelle

    Consider too: Josephus recorded that King Cyrus actually read this prophecy about himself in the book of Isaiah! If the prophecy in Isaiah was written after Cyrus lived and by another author, how could King Cyrus have read about it himself? Perhaps this explains why Cyrus was so benevolent and so enthusiastic about releasing the Jews.

    Daniel lived in Babylon. Take some time to really think on this, and to study Isaiah 44 and The evidence is irrefutable. First, it is obvious that Isaiah and are talking about King Cyrus. He is mentioned by name! Cyrus treated all his conquered peoples much the same way as he treated the Jews. Again, God prophesied the exact material that the gates of Babylon would be made of!

    Herodotus recorded that the gates of the inner walls were made of brass and some were reinforced with iron! This is some of the most moving and powerful history you can study. Because it proves the existence of God and the veracity of His Word! Why would God prophesy the life and accomplishments of a Persian king years before his birth? The answer to that question is the theme of Isaiah Cyrus himself understood this.

    This great king knew God existed, and he knew that God reigns supreme in the world of man. The history of Cyrus the Great is interesting and inspiring—but it is also much more.

    This history proves the authority of the Holy Bible! It shows that this Book of books is true and accurate. It shows that it is authored by an omnipotent God who can prophesy what He will do and bring it to pass! To read of more startling prophecies that have already been fulfilled, this time from the book of Daniel, please request History and Prophecy of the Middle East.

    King Cyrus. What has happened in former Yugoslavia over the past several years reaches far beyond the boundaries of that region. It is so shocking that the nations of this world would be paralyzed with fear if they truly understood! Shamefully, America is its chief architect. Isaiah had a prophecy for the end time that was twofold.

    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)
    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)
    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)
    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)
    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)
    The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1) The Bridge Over Babylon (The Sunder Wars Book 1)

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