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If your love of teaching has diminished recently, then you may benefit from taking some time to reflect on your situation. You might also find it helpful to find ways to stay positive on the job and reduce your stress and workload. By making some subtle adjustments, you may find yourself loving teaching again. Soren Rosier. Look for the moments when something clicks for a student. PhD candidate and former teacher Soren Rosier says: "I love that moment when a kid has been struggling to understand something, and then all of a sudden they get it. They just light up.

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Then, they want to take that thing they learned and apply it to different problems, or tell other people about it. This article was co-authored by Soren Rosier.

He studies how children teach each other and how to train effective peer teachers. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University in Categories: Teaching. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Soren Rosier Updated: May 23, There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1.

12 Reasons I Love Teaching

Write down what bothers you about teaching. If you have been feeling dissatisfied with your job lately, then you might find it helpful to identify what is causing you to feel this way. Try making a list of everything that you dislike about your teaching job. Include small and big things on your list. Try ranking the items on your list from most frustrating to least frustrating by placing numbers next to them.

For example, if grading is the most frustrating part of your job, then you could place the number 1 next to it. Make a list of all of the things you enjoy about teaching.

For the Love of Teaching - Teach Starter

After you have created your list of what you do not like about teaching, make a second list about what you do like. Making this list can help you to see if the positive aspects of your job are outweighing the negative aspects. It can also help you to identify things that might make teaching more enjoyable for you. Or, you might include something that you do every day, like reading aloud to your students.


You might even rank this list as well to get an idea of what aspects of teaching are the most enjoyable for you. That way, you can look for ways to incorporate more of these enjoyable activities.

Identify the secondary advantages. You may also enjoy some secondary benefits of teaching that are making the job a positive thing for you. Secondary benefits are those that are related to your job, but that are not part of teaching specifically. Make a third list where you identify and list all of the secondary benefits that you enjoy because of working as a teacher. These may include things like great coworkers, a good healthcare plan, and summers off. Reflect on how your attitude towards teaching has changed.

Sometimes something will change in a workplace or in your personal life that can affect the way that you feel about your job. If you have been teaching for a while, then it might be helpful to look at what has changed recently and consider whether that might be affecting the way you feel about your job. Or, you might have switched to a different grade level and be having a hard time adjusting to the differences in your older or younger students.

Note anything that has changed since you stopped enjoying teaching. This may help you determine what you can do to improve your situation. Use your lists to help you identify ways to improve your situation. All of the things you have listed about what you love, hate, and appreciate about teaching may help you to find a way to love your job again. Review the lists and pay special attention to the items that are most and least enjoyable to you.

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Try to think of ways that you can use this information to appreciate your job more. For example, if you identified that you enjoy reading aloud to your students, then you might try to incorporate more of this into your teaching. Method 2. Engage more with your coworkers. Having a positive work environment can also make a big difference in the way that you feel about your job.

If you are not too close with your coworkers, then you might consider spending more time getting to know them. Asking other teachers questions about their lives, interests, and teaching.

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Maintain a positive attitude for your students. Your students will look to you each day to set the tone in the classroom. One way to help keep your students in good spirits is to set a positive tone for the class every day. Some things you can try include: [5] Putting an inspirational quote on the board. Telling a joke for the day. Greeting each of your students with a smile when he or she enters your class in the morning. Note the impact you are having on your students. Sometimes you might feel like you are not making a difference, which may get you feeling down about teaching.

Some things that you might list include: [6] Being a source of encouragement for a child whose parents rarely provide any encouragement. People tend to remember their teachers for years after they finish school: good teachers can inspire students to become something that they never thought they could be, or to work in a field that they did not think they were cut out for. Another way that teachers make a difference is by providing social guidance to their students.

In low-income areas where some students may not have both of their parents around, teachers can provide an important influence that helps their students make the right decisions, even when they are not in the classroom. Teachers are needed everywhere, which means a qualified, experienced teacher will not have to worry about getting fired from their job due to layoffs or budget cuts, as many other professionals in different fields sometimes have to.

Job security is one of the main reasons that people who are inclined to teach decide to pursue this profession.


The Ability To Work Anywhere Teachers are needed in almost every city: as the older generation of teachers retire, new teachers are required to replace them. In Australia, there is a specific shortage of pre-school, secondary, and primary teachers. As a certified teacher with enough experience, you can decide exactly where you want to work, and if you need to change locations for any reason it is easy to look for a job in a new place.

You could even look to teach in a new country if you wanted to explore a totally new area. According to research from the United Nations , the world will need to recruit over 8 million new teachers to meet global demand. There are plenty of opportunities available for teachers around the world, especially in developing countries where education is quickly becoming more widespread.

Choosing Their Own Field Why do teachers love teaching? Another one of the primary reasons is that they get to pick their own specialty. From science to history to mathematics, teachers have a wide variety of options when it comes to what they want to teach. This means that they can choose a field that they are interested in, which will help them transfer that interest to students in their classrooms so that they can inspire future generations to learn about important subjects.

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