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All of season 1 had Regina making moves to try to keep Emma Swan from breaking the curse she had cast 28 years ago. She had gone to great lengths to make sure this didn't occur, yet Emma was able to break it by using True Love's kiss on her son, Henry, who was in a coma. This instantly made Emma believe in magic and broke the spell that was over the fairytale characters we had come to know over the first season.

Of course, this was not what Regina had wanted, and even though this was good for everyone else involved, it only caused more problems for Regina. When Regina was at her height of pure evil, she was the Mayor of Storybrooke and a mom to Henry, Emma's biological son. She emotionally manipulated him constantly throughout the first season, going so far as to make him think he was crazy for believing in magic and thinking that the fairytale characters he read about were real.

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She even physically hurt him, suspending him in the air with magic and using the branches of a tree to wrap around his body. It was not at all how Emma would want her son to be treated and only served to anger and upset Emma when it all came to light. During the Wish Realm storyline, many dramatic events occur, but none rival Regina seeing that world's version of her love who died - Robin Hood - in the flesh once again. As soon as Emma and Regina came across him, Emma thought it might be a good idea to bring him back to Storybrooke, for Regina's sake.

While the intentions were generally good, all it did was cause Regina more trouble than she bargained for. It turned out that the Wish Realm version of Robin Hood was very different and caused more problems for Regina that she could have expected.

Once Upon a Time: ''I will be rising from the ground''

Emma probably should have stayed out of this one. All Once Upon A Time fans know that the sleeping curse is by far one of the cruelest forms of curses to be put under. It's a fiery hell of a nightmare that you cannot escape, no matter how hard you try. Unless true love's kiss breaks the curse, of course. So at the end of season 1, Regina makes one final attempt to get Emma Swan out of their lives, by poisoning an apple dessert with the sleeping curse and then offering it to Emma.

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Unfortunately, it backfires when Henry eats it instead to prove a point and slips into a coma. It was just another cruel move on Regina's part. Graham was the sheriff of Storybrooke when Emma first came to town and they became fast friends, even though he was secretly seeing the mayor - Regina, herself - without the rest of Storybrooke's knowledge. Even though Regina was manipulating Graham to be with her, it still was not the smartest move on Emma's part to make her already rocky relationship with the mayor even worse by developing feelings for Graham that were clearly reciprocated.

They even shared a true love's kiss, bringing back Graham's memories immediately, just before tragedy struck at the hands of Regina Mills…. Regina didn't have real feelings for Graham and was literally manipulating him with magic to be with her, yet she still couldn't stand it when Emma began to have feelings for him. What didn't help was that Emma inadvertently brought back Graham's memories of his time in the Enchanted Forest, threatening Regina's curse she had cast with his knowledge.

She went to her vault of hearts and promptly killed him by squeezing the life out of his heart, making it look as though he had a heart attack. He died in Emma's arms, absolutely devastating her and making her wary of relationships even more so in the future. Tags: once upon a time. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site.

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    For any actor, working on a Tarantino set comes with unusual quirks and perks. Actors are forbidden from using their phones on set, forcing everyone to connect in real life. Whenever a roll of mm film would finish, production would stop and celebrate with drinks Butters had sparkling apple juice and a live mariachi band. Tarantino would also give Butters, who likes to write short films, tips about filmmaking, even organizing a reading of one of her shorts with the cast at the end of the shoot.

    Sometimes, directors like Steven Spielberg would also drop by the set to say hello. That day was especially exciting and nerve-racking for Butters, who considers him her favorite filmmaker. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood brings several cinematic idols to life, including the legendary Chinese star. Tarantino doubled down on his decision to show Lee in that light.

    Young 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Star Shares Act of Kindness From Luke Perry

    Thus far, China has not clarified its rationale for blocking the film from distribution. Either way, Bona Film Group, which co-produced the film, was asked to intervene and help edit the film so that it could be approved for release. Regardless of the reason, or lack thereof, Quentin Tarantino has no plans to make any edits to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But he was willing to edit Django Unchained when Chinese censors blocked it from release at the last minute in To date, Once is his second-most successful film, after Django , at least by box office standards. Releasing the film in China would almost certainly push it to the number one spot.

    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground
    Once Upon a Time on the ground

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