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Comments Please take a second to review our community guidelines Community guidelines. Comments have been closed. The federal hydropower system alone generates approximately three billion dollars per year in revenues, and its economic and environmental benefits ripple through the Northwest.

When the benefits and costs are balanced, however, the Columbia River's value as an ecosystem has never weighed heavily. Donald Worster may have overstated things when he implied that the Columbia had died and was reborn as money, but not by much. With the listing of three Snake River salmon populations under the Endangered Species Act ESA , 4 the importance of the riverine ecosystem in the Columbia River's management is up for debate; however, the notion that the survival of fish species may have priority over human uses does not square with the assumptions on which the Columbia River was developed.

Beneficiaries of the Columbia's development feel the ground tilting and worry about what the angle of repose will be.

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As with most complex environmental problems, the number and depth of unknowns in the salmon controversy is large. It will require extraordinary learning efforts for the salmon recovery debate to be shaped by good science as well as politics. This Essay discusses attempts over the last ten years to structure the debate over salmon recovery with a scientific principle called adaptive management, and considers how these efforts may evolve in the endangered species era.

As dramatic as the ESA listings are, the conflict between salmon and people who use the river is anything but new. Concern for the impacts of human activities on salmon began in the 19th century, when massive salmon harvests wiped out significant fish populations. Some of the most powerful salmon advocates have been the Indian tribes, whose Indian treaty fishing rights litigation revolutionized the management of the salmon fishery in the s and s.

By , the Indian treaty cases passed beyond harvest issues, and began sketching out broad environmental principles which the tribes asserted to protect salmon habitat. The Indian treaty litigation focused attention on the Columbia River, while major controversies were brewing in the Columbia's largest tributary, the Snake River. These developments prompted a range of legislation.

Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly
Listenings Darkly Listenings Darkly

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