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His sister came running down because she wanted to see if everything was fine and then she saw him bleeding," the girl told CP The boy sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder and was taken to Sick Kids Hospital for treatment, paramedics previously said. Andy Kitchener told CP24 Saturday afternoon that the child is expected to make a full recovery.

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It is pretty surprising that something like this would happen," Kitchener said. Investigators are currently reviewing video surveillance footage in the area and are searching for more witnesses. We are asking that anybody that has any information whatsoever, no matter how big or small the information may be, to approach us and let us know. Later Saturday, Police Chief Mark Saunders toured the scene and met with investigators, but declined to speak with reporters.

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Police say it happened in the parking lot of an apartment building on Weston Road, near Imogene Avenue. Just minutes before the deadly shooting in Emery, gunfire broke out in Etobicoke, leaving one man in critical condition. Police say the man was sitting in a vehicle at a fast-food restaurant in the area of Bloor Street and Aukland Road when he was shot. The victim, who attempted to drive away from the scene, was found behind the wheel of his vehicle suffering from life-threatening injuries.

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A second man was taken to hospital following the incident but his condition is not known at this time. A year-old boy is in hospital after he was shot in the shoulder in the city's east end. Search Search CP24 X.

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  8. Home All Videos Milestones. Boy, 10, struck by bullet that came through window of east-end home. Codi Wilson, CP This incident is the third shooting in the city over the past 24 hours. Police are searching for two gunmen. News Tips Report Errors. Top Videos false. Winnipeg, Hamilton face off in Grey Cup today.

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    Suspect sought after man stabbed in Mississauga. Local News. Police identify man shot to death in city's Eglinton East neighbourhood.

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    6. The long awaited resolution of the E-Major chord to A on the downbeat of the first verse here is one of the most vividly orgasmic moments in the entire Beatles songbook, at least this side of the bridge section of " Day Tripper ". What really grabs me, beyond the big bang of actual arrival itself, is the sophisticated way in which the backing vocals and drum work in the third and fourth measures of that verse create a cascading followup wave of euphoria. Many years ago I once had the experience of accellerating out from the tollbooth onto the upward approach to the Bronx Whitestone bridge coincidentally just as my tape player reached this point of the album.

      In cinematic terms, it was "rush" for me equivalent to that moment in "The Graduate" where the hero pulls out at crusing speed onto the center span of the Okaland Bay Golden Gate? The pattern is broken for the final phase where the effect of allowing the lyrics to coincide with the phrase downbeat for the first time combined with the slow, subtle harmonic syncopation created by the sustaining of the D-Major chord over the phrase boundary makes the entire verse seem a bit lopsided in retrospect; compare this, for example, with " Drive My Car ".

      By the way, there is some standout lead guitar work found here filling out those lyrical gaps between the lines.

      SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW Chords - The Beatles | E-Chords

      The return modulation is more abrupt both in terms of it having virtually no harmonic preparation and the placement of the return A-Major chord on the final beat of the final measure of the section. In the first bridge, this makes the start of the next verse sound again lopsided. In the second bridge which ends the song, this change of chord on the final beat practically throws you out of your seat; "Oh yeah! The one in the second phrase is completely straightforward. Money ".

      That particular outtake follows the more conventional formal recipe of placing a bridge after each of the three verses. But that's okay for now, at least. All Rights Reserved. This article may be reproduced, retransmitted, redistributed and otherwise propagated at will, provided that this notice remains intact and in place.

      Alan W. The tune is bluesy in a " Get Back " sort of way, with a melodic emphasis on flat 3 and 7 that turns many of the chords into not necessarily quite functional dominant seventhh chords. The backing track is essentially identical to that of " Polythene Pam " no surprise since the two tracks were recorded in a single long take, though unlike " Polythene Pam ", this one has no sections that are completely instrumental. The last four measures of the " Polythene Pam " outro, with the downward scale in the bassline, serve as the nominal intro to this song; at least that's how the tracks are indexed on the CD of the album.

      The verse is sixteen measures long with four equal phrases that make a poetic pattern of AAAB:.

      It Came Through the Window
      It Came Through the Window
      It Came Through the Window
      It Came Through the Window
      It Came Through the Window

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