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New Log In. Devoted Love Interests Popular New. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away May I suggest we get married?

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He still wants me like this? Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape from Si Ye Han and hated him to his core after being locked up by him. After her rebirth, she looked differently at him, thinking that maybe he changed for the better? In the past, her mind was muddled.

Devoted Lover

She let go of a stunning husband, was hurt by a scumbag and backstabber and most of all, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend. In the end, she was utterly alone. In her current lifetime, there are evil people scheming and eagerly waiting for her downfall. CEO, Spoil me Percent! However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than she could ever spend.

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All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I'll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don't cut in line.

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What, you want to help me face-slap these people? This is a girl-power, no cheating, no misunderstanding, no harem, 1v1 romance story.

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  8. In his phone, the authorities have checked the apple Health app. However, she relented eventually and went through three cycles of fertility treatment, which succeeded at the last try. I cannot explain how I felt. It was the fear of being exposed as an Asian gay man, that was one thing and the other was that I was not going to let Jess down.

    Was King David a devoted lover of the Bible?

    I had married Jess and all her dreams were going to come to a crashing end. Roemart Tamayo Roemart is a writer by default because he writes for a living, but he also writes in his pastime. View my other posts. Hello there!

    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover
    Devoted Lover Devoted Lover

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